Antique 19th Century Carved Danish Oak Armchair

Antique Arm Chair with carved accents.

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Set of 15 Painted Antique Swedish Dining Chairs

Set of painted side chairs from Sweden circa 1900. All have removable seats and upholstered backs. Painted an off white cream color, there are accents of gold in the front fluted legs. A pair of armchairs, sold separately, are available as well.

Item# 20042 - 20043
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Antique 19th Century Danish Mahogany Armchair With Inlay

Large mahogany armchair from Denmark, circa 1910, with upholstered seat and back. The mahogany is inlaid with a lighter birch on the curved arm rests, the back and front rail.

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Heavily Carved Antique Danish Armchair
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Carved Antique 19th Century Danish Oak Sidechair

Carved antique 19th century oak side chair with leather padded seat and back from Denmark, circa 1860.


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Antique Inlaid Mahogany Side Chair, Denmark circa 1890

Antique Danish side chair with upholstered seat and inlay in the top rail, back splat, and front apron. There are 3 of these side chairs available as well as 2 matching armchairs, sold seperately.



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Antique 19th Century Mahogany Side Chair From Sweden

Antique Mahogany Side chair from Sweden with an upholstered seat, circa 1840.


This item is part of our “unrestored” collection. Our antiques arrive from Europe in warehouse condition. Before shipping or leaving our store, they all go thr

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Antique 19th Century Gustavian Swedish Side Chair Painted White
Item# 20528
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Antique 19th Century Swedish Gustavian Side Chair

Antique Gustavian side chair from Sweden, circa 1840, with an upholstered seat.

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Pair, Tall Antique Baroque Carved Armchairs from Denmark

This handsome pair of chairs is ready to grace your home or office with both style and function. The hand carved oak arms, feet, and high back are traditional features of the Danish baroque period with a fruit basket on the top & striking barley twist stretchers.

Item# 22847
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Pair of Swedish Rococo Style Armchairs, circa 1890

Filled with curves and graceful lines, this pair of rococo style Swedish arm chairs are painted white with carved gold accents. The seats pop out, so they are very easy to re-upholster with a modern fabric.

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Pair of Antique Arm Chairs with Ball and Claw Feet
Item# 41
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Pair of Antique 19th Century French Charles X Arm Chairs

Pair of early 19th century mahogany arm chairs from France with upholstered seats and backs, circa 1825.

Item# 20375
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Pair of Antique Mahogany Armchairs, Denmark circa 1890

Pair of antique Danish armchairs with upholstered seats and inlay on the top rail, back splat and front elegant design with the curved back, tapered legs and the rolled arms.



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Pair of Antique Danish Oak Armchairs
Item# 21966
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Pair of Antique Italian Arm Chairs with High Relief Carving, circa 1860-1880

This grand pair of antique upholstered Italian oak arm chairs are carved with remarkable details in relief. The back rest is covered with a number of carved motifs from ribbons, flowers and masks to a pair of human figures.

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Pair of Antique 19th Century Danish Arm Chairs, circa 1890

Pair of Antique Danish Armchairs, circa 1890 with upholstered seats and backs. They can be easily upholstered with a modern fabric to create a more "fresh" look if so desired.


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Antique 5 Piece Set of German Biedermeier Sofa and Chairs

The simple classic lines and black columns add a refined touch to this handsome set of Biedermeier period loveseat, two arm chairs, coffee table and accent stool. The seats may easily be re-upholstered with modern fabric.

Item# 21203
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