Antique Original Hand Painted and Carved Trunk, Hungary Dated 1854

The original painted finish has been distressed through generations of use, with faint red & green remaining on the flowers; traditional brown background. The interior top reveals the date of 1854 and other words/names & additional flourishes.

Item# 51992
Antique Original Hand Painted Folk Art Trunk from Hungary circa 1860

Original hand-painted folk art pine trunk. Original floral and faux painted finish in reds, orange, brown, yellow and green. Restored and waxed, in solid condition ready to use.

Item# 51971
Antique Original Hand Painted Green Dome Top Trunk With Flowers, Sweden Dated 1857

Original green painted dome top oak trunk; monogram of PMS and date "1857" indicate this trunk may have been for a dowry or wedding present. Traditional hand-painted details include floral motif along top and front. Wrought iron straps and side handles.

Item# 23311
Original Blue Painted Antique Dome Top Trunk Dated 1854 from Sweden

This blue painted trunk is a great example of Swedish country craftsmanship. The large size, domed top, and hand-painted monogram and date all reflect its Swedish heritage along with wrought iron details. Originally was likely a wedding present.

Item# 24187
​​​​​​​Antique Original Folk Art Painted Large Trunk With Flowers, Hungary Circa 1860-80

Antique original hand painted folk art flowers in orange, green and yellow are still prevalent on this large trunk. Half column accents, wrought iron handles, and lower functioning drawer. Front panel carving & interior "box" to hold small personal items.

Item# 33676
​​​​​​​Antique Swedish Original Red Painted Small Dome Top Trunk, Dated 1803

Antique dome top trunk from Sweden dated 1803.  In wonderful original condition, the burnished red background provides the perfect contrast for the detailed flowers, flourishes, vines and blue painted wrought iron straps.

Item# 23874
Early 19th Century Antique Original Red Painted Flat Top Trunk Dated 1820

The original brick red paint has been gently distressed over generations of use, deepening the patina of this delightful flat top trunk. The hand-painted date of 1820 and lower monogram indicate it may have been part of a dowry or wedding present

Item# 22942
Antique Original Hand-Painted Flat Top Trunk With Flowers Dated 1908 from Hungary

The inviting charm of this trunk comes from the original hand-painted panels of dark blue embellished with delightful vases of bright colorful flowers seen in many Eastern European antiques as flowers were a favored traditional motif.

Item# 32355
Antique Baroque 18th Century Oak Trunk With Carved Details

This solid oak trunk is the type one might see if touring the hallways of a castle in Denmark. Note the impressive carving and original hand-wrought iron handles that facilitate moving this heavy coffer while the long hinges allow one to open the heavy oak top.

Item# 23618
Antique Original Hand Painted Green Small Trunk With Flowers, Dated 1798

Original green painted box or small trunk with traditional flowers of red and yellow.  Dated 1798, imagine the treasures and stories it has stored through over 200 years of use. The wear as seen along the top and interior is expected for its age.

Item# 22196
Carved 18th Century Antique Oak Coffer from Denmark, dated 1757

Carved antique oak coffer trunk from Denmark dated 1757, with a carved panelled front, original iron handles and strap hinges, all resting on bun feet.


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