Large Hand Carved Antique European Oak Wine Press

This large free standing dual wine press from Eastern Europe, is all original, very sturdy and hand crafted from solid oak. The large beam holding the cast iron screws is hand carved with the owner's name, Johan & Therafia Schotbenker and dated 1924.

Item# 30963
Antique Century European Oak Wine Press Dated 1888

Large free standing antique wine press from Eastern Europe with mortise and tenon construction. The dual cast iron screws turn by hand using wood grips, and the original oak cages retain their original pressure plates. The large upper beam is hand carved with the owner's name and dated 1888.

Item# 30959
Pair, African Bamoun Bronze Dwarf Sculptures

Stunning pair of bronze sculptures originate from the Bamoni tribe in Camaroon, Africa. They were ceremonial pieces used for special celebrations such as weddings or the birth of a child.

Item# 11005
Large Hand Carved Hungarian Door Surround or Gate Frame
Item# 31481
Antique 19th Century Danish Arched Pine Door Surround
Item# 21369B
Antique Original Brown Painted Rustic Wood Door
Item# 31566
Antique Brown Painted Vintage Door, Great to Use As Sliding Interior Door
Item# 32367
Antique 19th Century Single Pine Door From Denmark

The door has been stripped and still retains the original hinges and latch.

Item# 4663
Pair of Large Swedish Arched Pine Doors
Item# 31503
Pair of Antique 19th Century Swedish Doors Painted Green

The polychrome painted doors have multiple glass panels in the upper half, with a raised panel painted blue below. The painted back is a lighter, weathered version of the front.

Item# 46587
Pair of Wide 19th Century Swedish Doors Painted White

This pair of Swedish antique doors are heavy and broad - each one consisting of four raised panels and still retain the original iron hardware as well.


Item# 30221
Pair of Antique 19th Century Paneled Interior Doors Painted Green

These pine doors each have three raised panels, with the original latch and hinges. Like most pairs of old interior doors, these could be mounted as two sliding doors or connected to create one large one.

Pair of Tall Antique 19th Century Interior Doors From Sweden

These doors have the same multi-panel design front & back and still retain the original hinges and door latch. There two pairs of these doors available, both with the same hardware and paint color..

Item# 30673
Pair of Antique 19th Century Rustic Barn Doors with Old Yellow Paint

The doors retain the original iron strap hinges and distressed yellow paint on one side only.

Item# 30452
Antique Single Pine Barn Door, Circa 1840 Lithuania
Pair, Antique Pine Barn Doors, Perfect For Sliding Doors
Pair of Rustic Antique Original Green Painted Solid Green Doors

Pair of pine doors with a louvered pattern on the front and a dark unpainted back.

Item# 30326
Pair of Original Painted Antique Hungarian Barn Doors
Item# 30943
Pair of Antique White Painted Barn Doors
Item# 30944
Pair of Antique 19th Century Rustic Barn Doors Painted Gray

This pair of pine barn or stable doors retains the old green paint under a layer of distressed blue gray paint with the back painted an off white. The front features imitation louvers above and a raised panel design below.

Pair of Rustic Antique 19th Century Doors With Red Paint

The two pine doors have remnants of the old distressed red paint on the front with a decorative ship lap pattern. On the back you can see the original iron strap hinges and lock with the vertical pine boards painted green.

Item# 30139
Pair of Antique 19th Century Rustic Barn Doors From Hungary

On one side are the original gate hinges with a louver and brick pattern and on the other, vertical boards.

Pair of Antique 19th Century Rustic Barn Doors From Hungary

These weathered pine doors have remnants of old green paint along with the original wrought iron gate hinges.

Item# 30680
Large Antique 19th Century Pine Door Panel

This stripped pine door has six raised panels and would be perfect to use as a sliding door for a pantry or bathroom.

Item# 30159
Wide Antique Painted And Paneled Pine Door
Item# 31238
Early 20th Century Antique Interior Door From Sweden Painted White
Item# 30676
Early 20th Century Antique Interior Door From Sweden Painted White
Item# 30675
Pair of Antique 19th Century Rustic Country Gates With Green Paint
Item# 30796
Antique 12 Light Scrolled Black Iron Chandelier
Item# 40104
Vintage Country French Six Light Iron Chandelier with Original Paint

  The wonderful painted finish on this French cottage style chandelier is original with accents of gold paint on the leaves and contrasting flower shaped candle cups. The chandelier with six arms and a great patina of worn blue/gray paint over the wrought iron, has been re-wired with new sockets.

Item# 15458
Antique French 8 light Black Iron Chandelier

This antique French wrought iron chandelier (circa 1920) has eight arms that radiate out from the center. Each arm is set with a single light, with a candle cover resting on a drip pan. With scrolled arms and applied leaf details, the chandelier has been re-wired for US electricity.

Item# 40105
Antique French Six Light Wrought Iron Chandelier
Item# 21181
Antique French 8 light Black Iron Chandelier
Item# 31135
Antique 19th Century Danish Brass Six Light Chandelier

Circa 1900 solid brass chandelier with a cherub supporting the center column decorated with a flowering vine. The six arms are nicely sculpted leaves and flowers and the finial imitates a cluster of grapes. The chandelier has the original old wiring and should be re-wired and the sockets replaced.

Item# 21026B
Pair of Large Antique 19th Century Victorian Brass Wall Sconces

Each of the large ornate brass wall sconces has three goose neck arms with white frosted glass shades. The central ram's head is surrounded by a tied ribbon, wreath and leaf detail, in brass. These are from a Victorian Blackhawk, Colorado home and have the original wiring which needs to be replaced.

Table Lamp Made from Antique Swedish Grandfather Clockworks
Item# 16125