Antique 10' Long Red Painted Primitive Work Console Table With Shelf

At just under 10’ long, it is the incredible aged patina that invites one to run your fingers down the long top of this striking console table. The natural pine top and shelf are complimented by the original painted brick red legs.

Item# 32726
Antique 13' Long Pine Farm Table With Gray Painted Base

The dramatic length of this original farm table is over 13', making it a wonderful and rare find. the top has been sanded creating an invitation to sit and run ones fingers along its surface. The base still maintains its original bluish gray finish.

Item# 22420
Antique Architectural Large Original Red Painted Heavily Paneled Doors

These massive, heavy paneled doors are visually impressive. The original red paint is chipped off and severely distressed, adding to the authentic vintage nature of this pair of old exterior doors. Notice the mail slot and vintage door handle. Sold as is.

Item# 32353
Antique Brown Painted Gate Doors, Grand Scale at 9' Wide

These extremely large and impressive gate doors still have their orignal brown paint. It was used on a wealthy farmer's house in town as it was big enough for a hay wagon from the family farm out in the country to enter their house in the village.

Item# 32122
Antique Danish Carpenter's Work Bench

This rustic antique carpenters’ workbench reveals a rich patina after years of traditional use. It has two wood vices with wood handle and a recessed tray where the carpenter would lay his tools. It has been restored and waxed, so it's strong and ready for use.

Item# 22361
Antique Exceptional Original Painted Armoire Cubpoard Cabinet Dated 1778

Occasionally we find a special piece that captures ones heart & imagination. Such is the case with this lovely armoire filled with beautiful floral bouquets and elaborate garland. It was likely commissioned as a wedding or special anniversary gift, dated 1778.

Item# 22157
Antique French Oak Cabinet With Diamond Detail in Door and Sides

There is a raw attraction in the oak and even the age-related separations along the top and decorative diamond accents simply add to the authentic vintage appeal and French charm of this old oak cabinet with heavily paneled door and sides.

Antique French Oak Painted Chest of Drawers With Cabriolet Feet

The allure of this lovely French chest of drawers comes from the romantic touch of (newer) paint which at first appears white, on closer inspections is pale blue, and ultimately is both beautifully mixed and distressed adding a refined grace to the piece.

Antique French White Painted Oak Chest of Drawers With Four Drawers

The distressed white paint adds a romantic feel to this oak chest of drawers. While the paint was added later, the carved panel drawers & scalloped skirt are gently accented by the paint as well. The two long drawers are balanced by two shorter top drawers which all function.

Antique Highly Carved Pine Cupboard Cabinet Buffet from Denmark

The ornate carving is captivating on the panel doors of this original pine corner cabinet. The turned columns and mirror back splash add a dramatic touch as well. The entire cupboard has been restored and given a wax finish.

Item# 20341
Antique Huge Architectural Green Gate Large Salvaged Doors

This handsomely carved gate/doorway was a grand entrance into the private residence of a successful businessman in the late 1800's. The entryway door (with door handle) is to the left, while the center & right "wings" opened together to allow a horse drawn wagon to enter. 

Item# 32460
Antique Oak 13' Tall Exterior Carved Doors With Arched Transom and Frame

Filled with grandeur, these French doors are a rare & stunning find. Soaring over 13' tall, they remind one of the refined elegance found in mansions of the wealthy during the late 1800's. Note the detailed carving, large brass door knobs & impressive arched glass transom. 

Antique Oak Gateleg Wake Table from England

Beauty and function combine in this attractive oak gateleg table also known as a wake table. Easily seating 8-10 guests, the gate legs allow chairs to comfortably encircle the table. When closed, at only 24” deep it becomes perfect to use behind a sofa or in a narrow space.

Antique Oil on Board Painting of White and Bay Horses in Turnout, Signed Simon Simonson

This delightful painting portrays a white horse in the foreground and bay horse in the background under a spreading tree in what appears to be a turnout scene (notice a green hay trough to the left). This oil on board painting is signed and dated Simon Simonson 1884

Item# 21532
Antique Oil on Canvas Painting of Deer Skull by Peter Christian Hamberg

This oil on canvas painting creates dramatic impact in a relatively small space. While painted in the late 1800's,something about the mood of this painting places it outside time. It will look as well placed in a highly contemporary sparse setting as in a ranch home.

Item# 22244
Antique Original 9' Tall Green Painted Carved Salvaged Doors from Hungary

These impressive doors stand over 9' tall with heavily carved details and paneling adding to the dramatic effect. The aged green and brown paint show crackling and wear, while the doors themselves sit in a metal frame.

Item# 32028
Antique Original Blue Painted Pine 6' Bench

The worn and wonderful original blue painted finish captures one's attention in this inviting bench. The paint has clearly been distressed through years of use revealing the natural pine below which adds to the authentic vintage appeal of this 6' European country bench.

Item# 32849
Antique Original Dark Blue Painted Hanging Rack with Shelf Dated 1876

the hand-painted tones have deepened over the years in this sturdy rack while in other areas, such as the top shelf, paint been worn off from generations of use. Notice a name and the year 1876 in golden yellow and the faded rosettes which add a romantic touch.

Item# 32041
Antique Original Oil on Canvas Painting of Danish Village, Signed CR 1890

Picturesque Danish village with thatched roof houses (one with date of 1836), red tile roofs, and country manor portrayed. Tall trees line the country dirt road in the foreground. This delighful old oil on canvas painting is signed CR 1890.

Item# 22395
Antique Original Oil on Canvas Painting of Elk in Meadow, signed by Carl Bartsch

Beautifully executed nature scene signed by Carl Bartsch. Original oil on canvas painting with a herd of elk resting in a green grove overseen by a single bull elk. Carl Bartsch was a Danish 19th Century painter born in 1829.

Item# 22267
Antique Original Red Painted Swedish Farm Trestle Table

There is a casual appeal to this old Swedish farm table which still maintains its original red painted base that has been distressed over time. The planks of the table top were left natural and now have a warm aged patina creating a great contrast to the painted base.

Item# 32856
Antique Pair of Vintage Leather Club Chairs from France

It is the extensive wear reflected in the leather, crackled and creased with generations of use that creates the appeal of these vintage club chairs. The rolled arms & piping detail along the back add to their attraction. Seat height is 15.75”; these chairs are quite comfortable.

Antique Pine Farm Table Work Table/Console from Sweden

The natural pine top reflects the generations that sat here in every nick, scratch, old worm holes, etc.  while the original green painted base creates a wonderful contrast to the natural pine top making this old farmhouse table a special find.

Item# 3276
Antique Pine Nightstand On Cabriolet Feet

This lovely pine nightstand brings grace to a small space with its cabriolet feet & applied carved details along of the drawers. Variations of light & dark pine add depth and texture. It has been cleaned, restored & given a wax finish which brings out the warmth in the pine.

Antique Pine Secretary Desk from Sweden

It is the passage of many years that has deepened the patina with such richness in this pine secretary from Sweden. The simple lines of this country piece are complimented by the warmth of the waxed pine finish. Notice the 15 petite interior drawers and central cubie.

Item# 13751
Antique Pine Slab Coffee Table With Splay Legs

The attraction of this coffee table is the wood itself, one large 1.5” thick plank top accented by the splay legs which also accent the top itself. This pine coffee table has been restored and waxed, so is strong, stable and ready for use.

Item# 32689
Antique Primitive Slab Wood Coffee Table with Natural Patina and Square Peg Splay Legs

It is the natural wood itself that one finds intriguing in this rustic table. It originally served as a work table resulting in the deep gouges, marks and distress of the top. The square splay legs have been fortified so they are stable, yet still maintain their primitive appeal.

Item# 32719
Antique Rustic Butchers Top Slab Wood Coffee Table

The  thick slab top draws one to this rustic coffee table  due to the heavy distress seen in every scratch, crack and gouge that came from years of constant use( likely in a butcher's shop).  There is a slight bow to the top but one can still set glasses upon it.

Item# 32536
Antique Swedish Pine Bureau Secretary, Circa 1840

This pine drop front secretary is charming in every way, with a soft, satin wax finish that compliments the paneled doors, lovely bonnet and Swedish country styling. The pine patina has deepened  through over 100 years adding to the aged grace of this traditional bureau.

Item# 22335
Antique Tall Glass French Doors With Stained Glass Arched Transom With Fleur De Lis

There is a refined elegance about this enchanting set of salvaged arched glass doors. All 3 sections are hinged & able to open, while the sides can be secured/locked. This set is a rare find & will make a stunning addition for a truly exceptional living space.

Antique White Painted Chest of Drawers from France

The repeated carved diamond motif is captivating in this chest of three drawers from France. The newer white paint adds a touch of grace while the distressing reveals the natural oak beneath. The scalloped skirt & cabriolet feet add a touch of romance as well.

Large Pine Chest of Drawers Blanket Chest

The beauty of this large chest of drawers is the simplicity of the lines and the 3 large, spacious drawers. The simple carved detail along the sides were a traditional style element of the period while the pressed tin hardware accents add to the vintage look

Item# 12303
Large Vintage Wood Container Made From Hollowed Out Tree Trunk

This unique wood container is made from a hollowed out tree trunk, making it a truly one of a kind piece. The organic appeal comes from the wood itself and a simple base was attached to create a container.

Item# 32815
Long Antique Farm Table With Turned Legs from Denmark

The beauty of this long farm table comes from the length itself, complimented by the lovely turned legs. Notice the dovetail joints and round wood pegs that were used instead of nails. The floor to skirt height is 23.75.”

Original Oil on Canvas Still Life, Basket of Flowers circa 1800's

Unsigned still life oil on canvas of flowers and fruits in a basket from the mid to late 1800's. The basket appears to rest in a curved windowsill, with view of picturesque landscape in the distance.

Item# 20112
Pair of Massive Antique Salvaged Architectural Doors With Arches , Over 9' Wide And Tall

This pair of large wood doors originally served as a huge gate in Southern Hungary, likely Szeged. The home owner had a farm out in the country & a house in the village. When they brought agricultural goods to town, this gate was wide enough for a hay wagon to enter.

Item# 32448