Antique Rustic Work Table With Two Drawers from Hungary circa 1880

Rustic work table with red paint remaining on legs. Generations of use seen in every gouge, nick, scratch, hole and stain. Typical aged separation of planks; metal rods add an industrial feel.This table may also serve as a kitchen island if raised up.

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Free Standing Kitchen Island Old Shop Counter, France circa 1880

This old pine shop counter has been given new life with the addition of a new top which is made from old boxcar flooring. Thick & heavy, the top is filled with gouges from years of use in train yards. Floor to skirt height: 34.25"

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Free Standing Pine Apothecary Counter with 64 Drawers, Kitchen Island circa 1900's

Fun and function abound in this free standing pine apothecary with 64 drawers. This delightful apothecary originally served as a shop counter or storage cabinet. It has been professionally restored, drawers function & it has been given a wax finish.

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Free Standing Pine Kitchen Island Shop Counter Apothecary, Denmark circa 1880's

Kitchen island that originally served as a grocer's shop counter in the 1800's. The front area served as storage with 12 drawers with brass pulls, while the other three sides are paneled. The reclaimed heavy thick top is made from boxcar flooring.

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Large Blue Rustic Work Table Kitchen Island With Two Drawers and Shelf, Circa 1890

Rustic work table or shop counter with two large drawers and lower shelf. The blue painted finish has been distressed throughout the base. This heavily used 6' table reflects generations of use in every gouge, nick, scratch, and stain.

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Rustic 10' Long Work Table Kitchen Island With Shelf, Hungary circa 1900

This rustic work table is over 10' long with lower shelf sitting on six legs. This long work table may serve as a unique kitchen island. Restored, strong and stable this table is ready to be used. 

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Rustic Painted Work Table Kitchen Island with Two Drawers, Hungary circa 1890

Rustic purple & green work table with two drawers and lower stretcher base with six legs. This heavily used table reflects generations of use in every gouge, nick, scratch, crack and distressed paint which all add to the character of the table itself.

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Vintage Pine Freestanding Counter Kitchen Island With Wine Rack, Denmark circa 1960-80

This pine shop counter is a replica of those used throughout the 1800's in Europe. It has 3 cabinet doors revealing interior storage while the left section is designed to hold wine or other bottles.  May be used as a buffet or a free-standing kitchen island.

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Early 20th Century Antique French Maple Butcher's

The natural wear seen on this French Maple Butcher's Block with 2 drawers came from the many years of use. Note the castors and slot to hold knives in the back of the heavy top.

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Early 20th Century Antique French Maple Butcher's Block

It is the massive maple block top worn uneven from the many decades of use that draws one toward this original French butcher's block. Narrow and solid, it is being sold "as is.

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