Antique Original Blue Painted Grandfather Clock, Sweden Dated 1844

Hand painted grandfather clock with exceptional original soft blue painted finish accented in red trim. Panel details, monogram & date, curved bonnet, slender case with lovely balance to face and base are all highlights of this wonderful find.

Item# 24278
Antique Swedish Mora Clock with Original Black Paint, circa 1800-1840

Antique Swedish Mora Clock with Original Black Paint, circa 1800-1840.   The gold trim and painted figures with trees and shrubbery were a style elment of the day. Notice to the sides of the face a small window, allowing you to see the interior clockworks.

Item# 21117
Antique Gray Painted Danish Grandfather Clock

This charming Danish grandfather clock was crafted in the traditional early 19th century Scandinavian style. The new, light gray paint is slightly distressed creating the perfect contrast with the darker pine underneath and enhancing the delightful carved molding and architectural details.

Item# 40019
Antique 19th Century Swedish Mora Clock With Original White Paint

Swedish mora grandfather clocks are noted by their lovely curves and classic style as seen in this original white painted long case clock. It is accented with gold stencil flourishes and trim, also a favorite style element of the era.

Item# 21286
White Swedish Mora Grandfather Clock, circa 1840-1860

Item# 14292
Black Swedish Mora Grandfather Clock, circa 1840

The original clockworks can be restored or we will have a battery function installed for ease of use. We always leave the choice regarding the type of clock function to the discretion of the individual buyer.

Item# 14487
Antique 19th Century Danish Grandfather Clock with Blue & Red Paint

Antique Danish grandfather clock with distressed blue & red paint, circa 1820-1840.

Antique Red Painted Danish Grandfather Clock, circa 1820-1840
Item# 20039
White Grandfather Clock, circa 1820-1840
Item# 11715
Antique Danish Grandfather Clock With Original Paint
Item# 16056