Antique 18th Century German Armoire With Original Paint

This remarkable armoire has exceptional original paint and is dated 1774 with a monogram of "M M" beside it. The detailed, hand-painted panels includes lovely birds (in the upper panel section) resting upon a vase bursting with flowers. The panels are highlighted with a red painted finish.

Item# 21331
Antique Original Green Painted Single Door German Armoire Dated 1804

The stylized hand-painting of the era is filled with elaborate flourishes and vases overflowing with floral bouquets in this exceptional original painted armoire. Notice "Jungfer Barbara Eugestere 1804" is painted on the top crown.

Item# 22163
Exceptional Antique Original Painted Armoire with Blue Figures, Germany dated 1795

Exceptional in every way, this original painted armoire exhibits superb craftsmanship. Dated 1795, each of the panels exhibits rare hand painted landscape  scenes that include a couple on bridge with castle in background, a hunting scene, couple on a hillside, and a carriage ride.

Item# 22171
Antique 2 Door Hungarian Armoire with Original Folk Art Paint

This is a truly outstanding painted armoire due to the high quality and detail of the original folk art paint. The vibrant paint colors and floral design were traditional folk-art style elements during the 1800's, This piece is in exceptional condition - dated 1875 - likely created as a wedding gift

Item# 30918
Carved Antique Early 19th Century Danish Oak Armoire

This handsome, large oak armoire is even more impressive in person due to the extensive hand carved details such as lion heads and floral embellishments seen throughout its exterior.  

Item# 20549
Antique Large Two Door Danish Baroque Armoire Cabinet

While the large size itself is impressive, it is the heavy, baroque style carving and paneling in the doors and crown that add to the strong, visual impact of this handsome, large armoire. The hand-detailed dovetail joints and wood pegs (vs nails) speak to its age, circa 1760-1800

Item# 21775
Antique French Proviencial Walnut Armoire
Item# 21933
Antique 18th Century Carved French Oak Armoire

Attractive carvings of vines, leaves and flowers embellish this armoire. Crafted in the late 18th century France, this oak armoire has beautifully carved moldings from the cornice to the door as well as the side panels. The armoire also features the original brass hinges and key escutcheons.

Item# 42
Large Carved Walnut Antique 18th Century French Provincial Armoire

Late 18th century French Provencial Armoire of impressive proportions. Standing almost 9 ft. tall, this walnut armoire has beautifully carved moldings from the cornice to the door as well as the side panels. This armoire also features the original steel hinges and brass key escutcheons.

Antique 18th Century Danish Oak Two Door Armoire

Mid to late 18th century Danish oak armoire with detailed molding surrounding book matched paneled doors, bun feet and brass escutcheons. The interior is fitted with a set of 4 oak shelves behind each door - all of which are removable.

Item# 20240
Antique Two Door Armoire With Original Red Painted Panels and Flowers,Dated 1832

 The hand-painted floral design is all original on this colorful armoire with traditional Hungarian folk-art style elements. The 4 deep red painted panels are decorated with flowers in vases, a typical style in the 1800's.

Item# 30710
Antique Armoire Cupboard With Original Brown Paint Dated 1721, Sweden

A faux wood grain finish was a favorite traditional style in Sweden, as seen in the warm earth tones of this painted and paneled armoire. This one shows off its remarkable age, with the date of 1721 inside the top door. Notice the extra long, hand-wrought iron hinges.

Item# 20079
Antique Dramatic Original Green Painted Rococo Cabinet Armoire, Sweden

Dramatic and stately, this impressive cabinet is raised, resting upon three large turned legs. It is the original hand-painted details that draw one in, with the curvaceous carved Rococo crown and delicate panel trim accented in gold

Item# 21864
Original Antique Blue Painted Cabinet Cupboard from Sweden

For those that appreciate the lovely hues of hand-painted antiques from the Swedish countryside, this original blue painted cabinet is a special find. It has aged gently over the years, resulting in a softly distressed patina than only comes from years of use.

Item# 22010
Red Antique Swedish Folk Art Original Painted Cupboard Cabinet, Exceptional Quality

Beyond exceptional, this original painted Swedish cupboard is a tremendous find as it was likely a commissioned piece with both a professional craftsman and professioanl painter hired to complete the work. The original paint draws you in to appreciate the well executed floral motif.

Item# 22063
Antique Swedish Cabinet With Original Green Paint Dated 1820

There is a tremendous amount of detail in this exceptional original painted cupboard from Sweden. Hand-painted flourishes abound with garlands of leaves and flowers, and the date of 1820 in the center bonnet

Item# 21200
Antique 19th Century Original Gray Painted Cupboard Cabinet, Sweden

Beautiful antique Swedish cupboard with the original paint. The crown and two upper & lower door panels are covered in traditional folk art  floral patterns of the region.


Item# 20248
Original Painted Cupboard Dated 1835 from Sweden

The folk-art style of the period was to paint a stylized "wood" looking finish on pine pieces, as seen in the earthtone base of this very traditional Swedish cupboard.

Antique Danish Pine Bow Front Four-Door Cabinet with Original Red Paint

The great appeal of this remarkable cabinet is largely due to the original brick red paint, which has been scraped leaving a soft, raw feel to the finish. The six turned columns were originally painted white, now providing a gentle contrast to the red.

Item# 20747
Antique Original Blue Painted Narrow Storage Cabinet With Extra Interior Shelving

Both attractive and functional, you must see the interior of this blue painted storage cabinet to appreciate it fully. Notice the many shelves inside, allowing one to organize your office, crafts, sheets of music or other items well.

Antique 19th Century Danish Biedermeier Armoire Painted White

Impressive and statuesque, this country Biedermeier pine armoire is painted white with black accents. The turned columns, painted black, add to the substancial "presence" of the armoire along with the gently bowed doors. Panels are seen on both the sides as well as the doors.

Item# 15443
Antique Danish 2 Door Pine Armoire

Impressive in stature, this pine armoire has a strong visual presence as the eye is drawn upward to the delicate carved details of the crown and pilasters that frame the doors. The slightly convex doors have decorative scalloped panels, adding a romantic touch

Item# 16079
Antique Gray Painted Very Narrow 3 Door Cabinet Bookcase

To find narrow wall cabinets can be a challenge, that is why this antique bookcase is such a great find. At only 7.5" deep, it will store and display your favorite collectibles or books equally well. The gray painted finish is complimented in the interior with a clean white painted finish.

Item# 31675
Antique 19th Century German Biedermeier Single Door Cherry Armoire

Antique Single Door German Biedermeier Armoire circa 1820. The case is pine covered in beautifully figured cherry veneer -  book matched door panels surrounded by beveled frames of burl elm.  An elegant shield brass key escutcheon is flush mounted to the door.

Item# 30197
Antique 19th Century Narrow Danish Mahogany Cabinet

The stunning quality of this narrow, single door cabinet is seen in the glowing beauty of the polished mahogany. Classic features including the simple crown and carved feet allow one to focus on the striking, elegant appeal of the mahogany itself.


Item# 20834
Small Antique Single Door Cabinet
Antique Hand Carved Single Door Oak Cabinet

The hand carving in this oak cabinet is excellent, a reflection of  an earlier time when professional craftsmanship was respected and valued. Notice the beautifully turned  barley twist side columns in addition to the beautiful door panel in high relief.

Item# 21243
Antique Bow Front Mahogany Biedermeier Cabinet from Denmark

Stately& elegant, this mahogany cabinet reveals its Biedermeier style in the classic columns, bronze accents and bowed/curved door, in addition to the striking finish of the rich mahogany. Designed as a pedestal cabinet by an exclusive craftsman, originally it likely displayed a special item on top.

Item# 22066
Pair of Armoires, Pair of Nightstands, Pair of Beds & Vanity Antique Suite Set
Item# 31556-31562
Antique Carved Renaissance Oak Bookcase

The elaborate and detailed hand-carving throughout this entire oak cabinet reminds one how gifted craftsmen and artistic talent were appreciated in the past. The interior shelves are adjustable, making this an ideal display cabinet or perfect bookcase.

Item# 22140
Antique 18th Century Arched Oak Cabinet With Barley Twist Legs

This stately oak cabinet from Denmark stands on four barley twist legs that raise the cabinet while adding visual intrigue. The oak cabinet itself is curved, with a heavily paneled crown creating great "presence."

Item# 14347
Antique Red Lacquered 2 Door Chinese Armoire

The  tapered sides and heavy panels of both the front and sides add visual intrigue to this large and striking armoire. There are many areas where the deep red paint was worn/distressed down to the natural wood below which creates additional dimension and aged character.

Item# 11612
19th Century Antique Lacquered Chinese Cabinet with Original Red/Orange Paint

The superb quality of this tall Chinese cabinet is largely due to the exceptional finish. One sees the remarkable richness of the original red paint, accented with a burnt orange. The deep lacquered finish brings the entire piece to life, creating a desire to touch it.

Item# 11584
Antique 19th Century 6 Door Red Lacquered Cabinet from Shanxi China

The elogated open panels are visually striking in this stunning cabinet from China.  The original red and wood-toned painted finish is slightly distressed, revealing the age and adding depth and character to the cabinet while the lacquered finish protects it and adds to the rich beauty.

Large 19th Century Antique Red Lacquered Cabinet Armoire from Shanxi, China

This cabinet, when looking closely, still has the original intricate painting on the front of a town and city, with buildings and figures. The richness of the utterly stunning original red lacquered paint is deepened with the natural wear.

Item# 11557
Antique 18th Century Heavily Paneled Chinese Red Lacquered Cabinet

Heavily paneled late 18th, early 19th century lacquered Chinese cabinet with black and red  fixed panels surrounding 2 doors with original iron hardware. There are 3 working drawers above the doors. The interior bottom shelf lifts to reveal a hidden storage area.

Item# 11624