Decorative White Painted Bookcase Display Cabinet from Denmark, circa 1900-20

Pine bookcase with decorative lattice-style trim over glass doors; note the adjustable shelves which allow for perfect display options of any collection held within. Restored, later professionally painted in layered shades of white.

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Large Gray Painted Bookcase Display Cabinet, New from Hungary

This striking large pine bookcase or display wall unit is a reproduction made in Europe and breaks down into two large sections. The lovely gray painted professional finish has white undertones. Minimum of 3 keys will be included with purchase.

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Pair, Gray Painted Bookcases With Adjustable Shelves, Sweden circa 1920

This pair of light gray painted bookcases have dentil molding and adjustable shelves. Restored, later professionally painted in layered shades of pale gray. The smaller bookcase is: 34.25"wide x 10.75" deep x 81.5" high (Larger is in listing).

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Red Painted Gustavian Bookcase Display Cabinet, Sweden circa 1790-1820

Impressive details include carved molding & Greek key pattern along crown, carved inset columns at side & fluted carving along base. Restored, later painted in layered shades of muted red with white undertones to fit the age & grace of cabinet.

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White Painted Display Cabinet Cupboard with Pane Glass Doors, Sweden circa 1860-80

This pine cupboard may be used as a display cabinet or bookcase. The upper pane glass doors allow for ideal display of any collection held within. The newer applied white painted finish is complimented by the contrasting interior red. Restored & ready for use.

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White Painted Gustavian Display Cabinet, Sweden circa 1840-60

The upper cupboard with glass panes allows one to attractively display any collection held within. Three cabinet doors with traditional diamond motif on the panels creates a base with visual balance to the upper section with glass. Open the middle door!

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White Painted Narrow Bookcase Cabinet, Sweden 1890-20

Delightful white painted pine bookcase with dentil molding along crown and simple carved details along vertical sides of doors. Restored, later professionally painted in layered shades of white and lightly distressed to fit the age and grace of this bookcase. 

Item# 25178
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Antique Gray Painted Gustavian Tall Display Cabinet Bookcase, Sweden circa 1860-80

Elegant and stately 10' tall Swedish country display cabinet or bookcase in two sections. Original painted finish in softly distressed light grey. Adjustable shelving and glass doors create ideal display options for any collection.

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Pair, Dramatic 12' Tall Antique Bookcase Large White Display Cabinets from Spain

A single display cabinet this large is dramatic, but to find a pair is beyond rare. Fantastic carving crowns the top, which towers 12' at the decorative carved corner embellishments. Originally, 4 of these bookcases served in an impressive library in Barcelona, Spain.

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Antique White Painted Rococo Display Cabinet

Lovely curves & carvings accentuate this striking Vitrine or display cabinet.. Note the fabulous curves and heavily carved feet that combine for dramatic effect. The newer, professionally applied white painted layered finish provides a fresh, updated look.

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White Painted Bookcase Display Cabinet, Sweden circa 1820-40

Delightful white (later applied) painted pine bookcase with dentil molding along crown and fluted carved details along flanking sides. The simple lower panels and carved skirt add balance to this display cabinet. Interior shelf depth 11.5"

Item# 24644
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French Country Large Display Cabinet Bookcase Painted White, Circa 1900

French country large display cabinet or bookcase in two sections. Oak wood later professionally painted in layers of white and light grey with softly distressed finish fitting the age and grace of this stately cabinet.

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Pair of Antique Bookcases Display Cabinets Painted Light Gray

These exceptional bookcases are a tremendous find as it is difficult to find a matching pair. The professionally applied (newer) light gray and white layered paint is perfectly distressed to fit with the age and character of the pair.

Item# 51541/51542
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Blue Painted Cupboard With Adjustable Shelves, Hungary circa 1900's

This European country pine cupboard may be used as a small buffet, display cabinet or even bookcase. The original etched glass accents the decorative applied carving that accents the panels of this charming cabinet.

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Pair, Large Pine Bookcases Display Cabinets from England, circa 1960-80

Pair of large pine bookcases with elaborate carving of decorative vines crowned by deep dentil molding. The four upper shelves are 11.5" deep; the base curves outward with bottom shelf 13" deep and 15" to outer edge.

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Large Bleached Oak French Gothic Bookcase Display Cabinet, circa 1840-60

This bleached oak bookcase has intricate details such as the gothic trim in addition to the dramatic turned columns, finials and more. The interior of the cabinet has been painted, allowing for great display of any collection held within.

Item# 16708
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Antique Bleached Oak Display Cabinet Bookcase from France

The traditional scrolled and arched crown is captivating in this French bookcase. The oak has been bleached, giving it a fresh look for today's modern home while bringing in the charm of French country craftsmanship.

Item# 16463
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Tall Bleached Oak Bookcase Display Cabinet, France circa 1860

This large bleached oak bookcase is statuesque in size and detail. At 9.5' tall, the lead panes of the large glass doors add to its strong visual presence. Lower shelf: 17.75" deep
Upper shelf: 10.75" deep.

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Reproduction Danish Natural Pine Display Cabinet

Reproduction Danish Pine Display Cabinet with glass doors, glass shelves and built in lighting.




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Narrow Pine Bookcase Display Cabinet, Denmark circa 1900

Narrow pine display cabinet or bookcase with fluted side trim, bun feet and finials forming crown. Interior shelving allows for easy display of books or collectibles, while the 33" width allows this to fit in a variety of smaller spaces. 

Item# 24653
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Large Antique 19th Century Danish Commercial Grocer's Cabinet Painted White

Made to display and store dry goods behind a store counter, this one piece cabinet would make a great entertainment center or bookcase. The pine has been painted white and is shown with porcelain knobs.

Item# 20911
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19th Century Antique Danish Grocer's Cabinet Painted Green

Built to use as behind the counter display and storage for a Danish grocer, the cabinet is one large cabinet with open shelves above and multiple drawers in a variety of sizes below.

Item# 14457
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Large Pine Grocer's Display Shelf From Denmark Painted White

Large open shelving made in two sections with 24 small drawers and 2 full size drawers.

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Tall Antique 19th Century Two Door Glass Bookcase Cabinet from Hungary

Tall pine cabinet from Hungary circa 1900, with 2 glass doors and 5 shelves. The painted wood grain finish is original - this would make a great display cabinet or bookcase.


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Heavily Carved Antique 19th Century German Oak 2 Door Bookcase

Impressive Oak Renaissance Revival bookcase heavily carved with 2 glass doors and adjustable shelves, circa 1880 from Germany. This piece breaks down which makes moving or shipping much easier.  


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Late 18 Century Antique Pine Provencial Bookcase Cabinet From France

Antique carved pine 2 piece provencial bookcase cabinet from France, circa 1790-1810, with a pair of glass doors on top and a pair of cupboard doors below.


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Antique 19th Century American Walnut 4 Door Bookcase

Antique American walnut bookcase with 4 glass doors and adjustable shelves, circa 1860 to 1880.


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Antique 19th Century Danish Barley Twist Oak Bookcase

Glass front bookcase made in two parts. The upper and lower sections feature a pair of barley twist columns on either side of two glass doors above, and cupboard doors below.

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