Swedish Pine Secretary, Circa 1820-40

It is the warm patina of the aged pine that draws one to this secretary with graceful Swedish country charm. Desktop rests on two extended arms. Open Depth: 32.25" Floor to Desk Height: 27" Restored.

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Tall Blue Painted Swedish Secretary Bureau, circa 1800-20

This striking oak secretary is an elegant statement piece crowned with an elaborate carved pediment.The new layered blue painted finish has been gently distressed to reveal the original oak underneath. Restored & ready for use.

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Oak Secretary Bureau With Painted Finish from Sweden circa 1760-1800

Oak secretary with dramatic serpentine drawers and carved outer panel of the drop down desk add a romantic touch, accented by brass pulls and key escutcheon. Later custom painted finish. Total open depth: 36.5"/Floor to desk height: 30"

Item# 24641
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Blue Painted Oak Secretary, Sweden circa 1770-1800

This oak secretary is a striking statement piece with a professional custom blue painted finish which has been gently distressed to reveal the original oak underneath. Open Depth: 40.5" 
Floor to Desk Height: 29.25" 

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Antique Oak Secretary Bureau, Denmark circa 1800-40

This oak secretary has fluted carving along the mid-section & half columns adding a decorative touch to the drop down desk. It has been given a newer, professionally applied yellow/mustard painted finish with brown undertones.

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Black Painted Rococo Secretary from Denmark circa 1760-1800

Pine rococo secretary with dramatic serpentine drawers, curvaceous front & carved skirt resting on cabriolet feet. Newer professionally painted with exceptional black and blue finish. Open 34.75" deep. Floor to Skirt Height: 31"

Item# 25243
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Yellow Painted Oak Secretary, Denmark circa 1760-80

Oak secretary with four serpentine drawers and curved skirt. The traditional interior with 12 small drawers and central storage area offers the perfect space to organize. Later professionally painted with an exceptional yellow/mustard finish.

Item# 25102
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Painted Oak Secretary Bureau, Denmark circa 1760-80

Striking oak secretary crowned with a beautifully curved and carved bonnet or crown. Restored with custom layered salmon painted finish which has been gently distressed. Open Depth:37.75" / Floor to Desk Height: 27.5" 

Item# 24600
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Birch Secretary Bureau from Germany, circa 1840-60

Rich birch wood & stately lines define this handsome Biedermeier drop front secretary. Multiple interior drawers & hidden storage areas are accented by the internal and external turned columns. Open depth: 38" Floor to Desk Height: 29.5"

Item# 24540
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Antique Pine Roll Top Desk Bureau from Sweden circa 1840

Lovely pine roll top desk or bureau; the age of this secretary is revealed in the warmth of the deep patina in the pine which only happens through generations of use. The roll top opens and the top "drawer" becomes the desk top writing surface.

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Early 19th Century Original Folk Art Painted Tall Cabinet Secretary

This highly unusual secretary is a special find. The remarkable folk art painted finish is all original, with brick red, salmon, yellow, blue and green all used to create the delightful flourishes. The interior desk is painted green and holds 8 drawers and the drop down desk top.

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Antique Swedish Pine Secretary / Bureau Desk
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Antique 19th Century Swedish Birch Biedermeier Secretary Desk

Antique birch slant front bureau desk from Sweden circa 1840, with three full drawers and a drop front with a fitted interior inside.


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Birch Karl Johan Secretary Bureau from Sweden, circa 1840-60

Stunning Karl Johan Swedish birch secretary with twelve inner drawers surrounding a 3-part central cubie area. Exterior has one upper and three lower large drawers.

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Antique 19th Century Danish Biedermeier Mahogany Secretary Desk

Stunning Biedermeier secretary crafted in Denmark during a peak era known for high quality furniture craftsmanship. Note the beauty of the wood, curve of each door and how the carved elements & turned columns accent the stately appeal of this remarkable piece.

Item# 20907
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Antique German Mahogany Biedermeier Secretary Desk

 Outstanding early 19th century German Biedermeier secretary desk, circa 1830, with exceptional bookmatched mahogany drawer and desk front. The wood grain appears to glow from within with a shellac finish that brings the wood to life.

Item# 20246
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Antique Early 20th Century Mahogany Biedermeier Drop Front Secretary Desk from Germany

Rich dark wood and stately lines define this handsome Biedermeier drop front secretary from Germany. Note the concave curve of the upper cabinet door and beautiful mahogany grain pattern that attracts the eye.

Item# 20006
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Antique 19th Century Inlaid Mahogany Empire Secretary, circa 1810-1820

Extraordinary antique Empire secretary desk circa 1810-1820 from Denmark or N. Germany. The cabinet is made in 3 sections and covered in flame mahogany veneer with lighter inlays. Behind the drop front, the interior is fitted with a number of smaller drawers and secret compartments.

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Antique 19th Century Danish Mahogany Biedermeir Bureau, circa 1830

Antique mahogany Biedermeir bureau made in Denmark circa 1830, made in three sections with a fitted interior and a tabernacle style top.


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Antique Danish Biedermeier Cylinder Secretary Desk, circa 1830

Antique mahogany cylinder roll top secretary desk from Denmark circa 1830, made in 3 sections with a pull out writing surface and multiple inlaid drawers inside. There are three drawers below the drop front and 3 concave cupboard doors above.


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Antique 19th Century Mahogany Danish Drop Front Secretary Desk

Antique flame mahogany Danish drop front secretary desk circa 1810-1830 made in 2 sections. The tabernacle style upper section has 2 drawers flanking a large center door. The lower section features beautifully crafted doors and drawers behind the drop front as well as 2 larger drawers below.

Item# 20008
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Early 19th Century Antique German Biedermeier Mahogany Secretary Desk

This handsome biedermeier mahogany drop front bureau is made in three sections with drawers below and a fitted interior above.


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Antique 19th Century Danish Mahogany Drop Front Bureau Secretary Desk

Antique mahogany secretaire a abattant from Denmark circa 1840-1860 made in 2 parts. The upper section features multiple rosewood front drawers and doors behind the drop front and a single drawer above. The lower cabinet has 3 locking drawers.

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Antique Flame Mahogany Secretary Bureau
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