Antique Baroque Carved Armchair With Leather Seat and Upholstered Back

This chairs shows off Danish baroque carving; notice the curve of the arms, turned columns and carved crown and feet. The leather seat and upholstered back create and enduring look that will remain classic and comfortable for years to come.

Antique Norwegian Small Kubbestol, Child's Chair

A kubbestol is a traditional Scandinavian chair made from a log. This one is scaled small, evidently made for a child. Every knot, crack, and sign of wear adds to the intriguing appeal of this hand-hewn stool. Seat height 14"

Item# 22755
Pair, Antique Biedermeier Birch Stools from Sweden

Classic elegance exudes from this striking pair of Biedermeier stools. The lines of the remarkable yellow birch is accented by the traditional black finials which add the perfect finishing touch. Seat height 15". This pair of stools has not been restored, they are stable/strong.

Item# 22756
Pair, Tall Antique Baroque Carved Armchairs from Denmark

This handsome pair of chairs is ready to grace your home or office with both style and function. The hand carved oak arms, feet, and high back are traditional features of the Danish baroque period with a fruit basket on the top & striking barley twist stretchers.

Item# 22847
Vintage Green Upholstered Arm Chair from Denmark

This cozy armchair invites one to sit and linger, possibly with a good book. The classic Danish lines & curves of the oak wood draw one to it.  While this chair still maintains its vintage green upholstery, it may easily be re-upholstered based on the discretion of the buyer.

Item# 22699
Authentic Vintage Chesterfield Club Chair Arm Chair, England

Original vintage leather Chesterfield club chairs are highly sought after today. The deep brown vintage leather here is accented with the traditional tufted Chesterfield back, heavily rolled arms and nailhead accents.

Item# 22840
Original Vintage Leather Chesterfield Club Chair, England

Original vintage leather Chesterfield club chairs are highly sought after today. The warm brown vintage leather here is accented with the traditional tufted Chesterfield back, heavily rolled arms and nailhead accents.

Item# 22872
19th Century Set of 6 Antique 19th Century Swedish Side Chairs Painted White

There is a simple country charm to this set of 6 chairs as they originally graced the home of a Swedish farm back in the 1800's.  The new paint has been lightly distressed exposing the natural pine which gives the dining set a wonderful time worn look.

Item# 21090
Set of Six Antique 19th Century Swedish Gustavian Dining Chairs With Gray Paint

Set of six antique Gustavian period dining chairs from Sweden, circa 1880. The 2 armchairs and 4 side chairs have been painted gray and lightly scraped creating a nice contrast with the darker wood beneath and accentuating the classic lines of the Gu

Item# 20055
Antique Set of 12 Swedish Rococo Gray Painted Dining Chairs

This wonderful set of twelve dining chairs exudes a graceful country charm. While likely from a Swedish farm house, these speak to a more upscale home with a touch of elegance due to the extra elements of carved details & the shapely curves of the back & cabriolet legs.

Item# 22416
Antique Pair of Vintage Tan Leather Chesterfield Club Chairs, England

This pair of Chesterfield club chairs are in very good condition for their age, with tan leather and buttons along the tufting in place. The turfted backs are barrel shaped which is both handsome and comfortable,  adding to the appeal of the pair.

Item# 22315
Vintage Chrome and Leather Office Chair

This original vintage office chair has very dark brown leather that almost looks black and is accented with chrome. The leather is in good used condition, showing more wear, scratches etc along the back where it likely rubbed against a wall.

Item# 22317
Set of 6 Antique 19th Century English Mahogany Dining Chairs, circa 1850

This set of 6 antique English dining chairs are made from solid mahogany and come with upholstered seats.  The choice of wood, expensive for the period, and the carved back rail, splat and turned legs make this set rather unique.

Item# 20110
Set of Six 19th Century Antique Swedish Dining Chairs

The classic lines bring sophistication to this set of 6 birch dining chairs. The turned legs and gently curved back splat add a touch of grace to the Swedish styling of these side chairs.

Item# 20377
Vintage Leather Arm Chair from Denmark

The straight lines of this vintage leather club chair reveal the changing style happening in Denmark in the 1920's. You can literally "see" in this chair the period was transitioning from the former "turn of the century" style into what would soon become the "midcentury modern look"

Item# 22226
Antique Set of 6 White Painted Dining Chairs from Sweden

Class and style combine in this lovely set of six matching dining chairs from Sweden. They were painted white and given a gold trim which was the "style" in the early 1900's. The curved rococo lines of the back and cabriolet legs add a romantic touch to the set.

Item# 22283
Set of 4 Antique Swedish Country Side Chairs With Original Gray Paint

The original paint is chipped, worn and distressed, yet it this very "aging" that adds all the charm and carisma to this delightful set of four side chairs. Originally used in a Swedish country farmhouse, these simple chairs add a casual touch to today's busy home.

Item# 21125
Antique Vintage Leather Barrel Shaped Small Scale Arm Chair

The rolled arms and back of this vintage brown leather arm chair are accented by leather strips which adds to their visual appeal. Seat height is 18".

Pair of Antique White Gustavian Armchairs from Sweden, circa 1840

This graceful pair of Gustavian period armchairs still maintain their original white paint. Please examine the close up photos to appreciate the delicate carved details throughout the chairs, including the finials. The chairs have been professionally restored and are strong and ready to use.

Item# 20567
Pair of Swedish Rococo Style Armchairs, circa 1890

Filled with curves and graceful lines, this pair of rococo style Swedish arm chairs are painted white with carved gold accents. The seats pop out, so they are very easy to re-upholster with a modern fabric.

Item# 20099
Pair, Antique Carved Mahogany Armchairs from Denmark

This style of classic mahogany arm chairs were often seen in smoking salons in turn of the century Europe. The easy curves and carved arms and feet create a sense of refned taste and comfort, while allowing the beauty of the mahogany to stand out.

Item# 21794 B
Pair of Antique Swedish Birch Biedermeier Armchairs
Item# 21382
Pair of Swedish Birch Biedermeier Arm Chairs
Item# 21709
Pair of Antique Arm Chairs with Ball and Claw Feet
Item# 41
Pair of Antique 19th Century French Mahogany Armchairs

Pair of antique mahogany chairs from France circa 1840 with upholstered back and seat. The square back and scrolled arms give these chairs a sense of elegance and strength.


Set of 6 Antique Swedish Rococo Dining Chairs

Every curve & carved element in this striking dining set is is reflective of their Rococo styling. Notice the cabriolet legs & use of small wood pegs which pre-dated nails. The beautiful lines of the curved back are complimented by the legs and lower stretchers.

Item# 22393
Pair of Antique 19th Century French Charles X Arm Chairs

Pair of early 19th century mahogany arm chairs from France with upholstered seats and backs, circa 1825.

Item# 20375
Pair of Antique Mahogany Armchairs, Denmark circa 1890

Pair of antique Danish armchairs with upholstered seats and inlay on the top rail, back splat and front elegant design with the curved back, tapered legs and the rolled arms.



Item# 20067
Pair of Antique Danish Leather Upholstered Armchairs

 This pair of arm chairs are an exceptional find for a variety of reasons. The hand carved oak baroque style of the late 1800's creates a stately appeal that is timeless, especially the perfect curve of the arms.

Item# 21045
Pair of Antique Danish Oak Armchairs
Item# 21966
Pair of Antique Italian Arm Chairs with High Relief Carving, circa 1860-1880

This grand pair of antique upholstered Italian oak arm chairs are carved with remarkable details in relief. The back rest is covered with a number of carved motifs from ribbons, flowers and masks to a pair of human figures.

Item# 20291
Pair of Antique 19th Century Danish Arm Chairs, circa 1890

Pair of Antique Danish Armchairs, circa 1890 with upholstered seats and backs. They can be easily upholstered with a modern fabric to create a more "fresh" look if so desired.


Item# 20883
Pair of Carved 19th Century Antique Danish Oak Armchairs

Pair of carved antique Danish oak armchairs, circa 1890 with red upholstered seats and backs.

Item# 20820
Set of Five Carved Oak Dining Chairs With Leather Seats & Backs

Notice the beautiful carved decorative front stretcher in these dark oak dining chairs from Denmark. Each of the camelback side chairs have vintage leather seats and backs that can be kept or updated with a new upholstery.

Pair of Antique 19th Century Danish Oak Side Chairs, circa 1800-1840

Pair of Antique Danish Oak Side Chairs, circa 1800-1840.  


Item# 20856
Pair of Antique 19th Century Gustavian Style Painted Side Chairs from Sweden

 Pair of beautifully crafted Gustavian style side chairs from Sweden with carved backs - an urn shaped back splat, turned legs and upholstered seats. These are painted a soft off white, cream color with gold accents. We have a matching pair of Armchairs from the same set.