Antique Original White Painted Pine Corner Cabinet from Sweden

It is the incredible aged patina of the pine that draws one to this traditional Swedish corner cabinet. The original white painted finish has been greatly distressed over generations of use, worn down to reveal the natural pine below. This is a much sought after authentic aged patina.

Item# 22881
Antique Original Painted Gustavian Corner Cabinet from Sweden

Note areas worn through to natural pine, an old layer of brick red paint covered by white & finally a soft green that appears gray when seen from a distance. They all combine with captivating results, adding to the Swedish country charm of this traditional corner cabinet.

Item# 177
Antique Hand-Carved Swedish Gray Painted Corner Cupboard

It is the detailed carving in every section of this oak corner cabinet that captures one's attention. From the paneled doors, drawer, decorative top and even canted sides reveal the craftsmanship in this unique corner cupboard. The gray painted finish is newer, accenting the Swedish styling.

Item# 21534
Antique Dark Pine Bow Front Corner Cabinet from Sweden

The graceful appeal of this bow front corner cabinet is due to the simple Swedish styling and dark patina of the aged pine. Notice the fine details, such as the deep molding of the crown, the scallop and vertical opening cut outs along the center.

Item# 22426
Antique Danish Corner Cabinet Painted Gray

European country charm eminates from this painted corner cabinet, but there is a  touch lighthearted whimsy as well. While the carved diamond (seen on the lower cabinet door) was a traditional element in Scandinavian antiques, this unique corner cupboard has hand-carved touches everywhere you gaze.

Item# 40005
Antique Large Bow Front Original Painted Corner Cabinet Cupboard, Sweden

Beautiful and stately, this large bow-front corner cupboard is a wonderful example of Swedish folk art and craftsmanship from the early 1800's. The lovely original hand-painted panels of gray with large flourishes are often referred to as rosemaling

Item# 22145
Antique Dark Pine Corner Cabinet from France

This narrow French corner cabinet is a perfect example of refined beauty with a dark patina pine wood and simple paneled doors. Note lovely escutcheon and wood pegs used instead of nails. The size allows it to be used in a variety of rooms.

Item# 16174
Antique Green Painted Corner Cabinet With Flowers in Panels

Corner cabinets were used throughout the 1800s to create additional storage space prior to the years of built-in closets & cupboards. This is a perfect example of one crafted during that era, while a later owner decided to update it with the painted finish you see today.

Item# 22433
Antique Inlaid Mahogany Empire Corner Cabinet
Item# 21777
Antique 19th Century Danish Flame Birch Corner Cabinet
Item# 21201
Antique Carved & Painted Swedish Pine Corner Cabinet
Item# 21886
Large Antique Pine Corner Cabinet With Distressed Black Paint

There is a charisma to this corner cabinet that is difficult to describe. It is large, with simple lines yet it has great character. The black painted finish has been scraped and distressed in such a way that it invites you to touch it.

Item# 21927
Carved Oak Corner Cabinet from Sweden, circa 1840

Note the graceful carved details in each panel, including the canted sides of this lovely corner cabinet. The rich patina of the natural oak has deepend over time, as this beautifully hand-crafted corner cupboard was built in the early 1800's.

Item# 14517
Antique 19th Century Danish Corner Cabinet With White Paint

Made in three sections with a single drawer and three cupboards supported by barley twist columns.

Item# 11212
Antique Original Painted Corner Cabinet Cupboard, Sweden

This charming hand-painted Swedish corner cupboard still maintains its original paint, with deep dark green panels & a traditional background in earth-toned colors with reddish base. The traditional folk art style of the period was to paint a faux wood-grain finish seen here.

Item# 21918
Carved Norwegian Antique Oak Corner Cabinet, circa 1870-1890

Antique carved oak corner cabinet in 2 parts, from Norway. The upper section is a single mirrored door flanked by braided rope crving while the bottom cabinet has 2 carved paneled doors.


Item# 20475
Antique Hanging Swedish Corner Cabinet
Item# 21863 A
Antique 19th Century Corner Cabinet With Green Paint

Rustic country pine corner cabinet with two narrow doors with an old green paint finish.

Item# 30199
Pair of Antique American Pine Corner Cabinets

Matched pair of carved, glass front pine corner cabinets with a painted interior and fixed shelves. The price is for the pair.