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Antique Spanish Colonial Dining Table Writing Desk

Blending Spanish colonial craftsmanship and design, this table is made from the beautiful and hard narra wood from the Philippines. The table has a light open feel with the attractive turned legs and trestle base, accented with the sculpted/carved feet. The inviting richness of the patina is from the wood itself, while the many marks, stains and scrapes reflect generations of use which add depth to the vintage character of the wood. The Philippines was a Spainish colony for over 300 years, so this table is a rare blend of European/Spainish style crafted from stunning indiginous hard wood. While it has not been restored, this attractive table is strong, stable and ready for daily use for dining or as a striking writing desk. Please take a moment to enlarge the photos and examine the details up close.





W68.5" D27" H30"