Original Oil on Board Still Life of Flowers, Fruit and Dragonfly. Signed by Unknown Artist Circa 1880's

Original oil on board still life painting, bouquet of flowers with vibrant colors, small fruit and dragonfly. 
Signed lower right, unknown artist.

Item# 24341
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Original Antique Oil on Canvas Painting of Boy and Cows by Lake, Signed Poul Steffenson

This delightful painting is a great example of Poul Steffensen's pastoral work. A peasant boy is leading two cows to water by the lake. Original oil on canvas in good vintage condition. Signed Poul Steffensen (b. Bjerringbro 1866, d. Aarhus 1923).

Item# 24001
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Original Oil on Canvas Painting of Three Cows in Pasture Signed by Rasmus Christiansen

Original small oil on canvas painting of bucolic landscape with three cows, signed by Rasmus X Christiansen (1863-1940) in lower left corner. 

Item# 23937
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Large Original Oil on Canvas Antique Painting of Boy & Cows, Signed P. Steffenson

This large original oil on canvas painting portrays a boy in the field with cows. Look closely at the boy, who appears to be whittling a stick with a knife while he looks over the grazing cattle.  Poul Steffensen (1866-1923) was born in Vejerslev, Denmark.

Item# 23982
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Original Oil on Canvas Painting of Cows in Pasture Signed Poul Steffensen, Denmark

Original oil on canvas landscape painting of cows in pasture. Artist: Poul Steffensen (1866-1923).
Signed in monogram P.ST.

Item# 24299
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Original Oil on Canvas Painting of Two Cows in Pond, Signed and dated 1912 by Poul Steffensen

Original oil on canvas landscape with two cows. Signed and dated P. St. 1912.  Artist: Poul Steffensen from Denmark (b. Bjerringbro 1866, d. Aarhus 1923)

Item# 24308
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Original Oil On Canvas Painting of Retriever With Duck, Denmark dated 1899

Original oil on canvas painting of hunting scene with retriever exiting water bring a duck back to shore. The colors of green, blue, brown and white remain vivid on this painting dated 1899 by unknown artist, signature NGK.

Item# 23029
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Original Oil on Canvas Painting of Two Collies by G.A. Clemens, Signed, dated 1915

Original oil on canvas painting; portrait of two collies by G. A. Clemens.
Signed and dated G. A. C. 1915.

Item# 24591
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Antique Oil on Board Painting of White and Bay Horses in Turnout, Signed Simon Simonson

This delightful painting portrays a white horse in the foreground and bay horse in the background under a spreading tree in what appears to be a turnout scene (notice a green hay trough to the left). This oil on board painting is signed and dated Simon Simonson 1884

Item# 21532
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Original Oil on Canvas Painting of Horse Led Through Stream Signed Otto Bache

Original oil on canvas of a man on bay horse leading a white horse through a stream. Signed Otto Bache (b. Roskilde 1839, d. Copenhagen 1927). Condition: A larger peeling near the left edge, as well as minor peelings and age related craquelure, one retouch.

Item# 22589
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Antique 19th Century Oil Painting of Horsemen by Adolf Mackeprang

Original oil on canvas of three men on horseback talking on a village street, by Danish artist Adolf Henrik Mackeprang (1833-1911). The painting is signed with a monogram AM in the lower left and mounted in a natural wood frame.

Item# 21389
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Original Oil on Canvas Painting of Student by Window, Signed by Christian Pram-Henningsen, 1881

Original oil on canvas painting by Christian Pram-Henningsen (Denmark 1846-1892). Subject is a young student darning his socks by the light of a window.
Signed and dated (lower right corner) 1881.

Item# 24726
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Original Oil on Canvas Landscape Painting With Woman & Man by River, Italy, circa 1800-40

Original oil on canvas painting of landscape with resting couple in the foreground and castle on the distant hill. The impressive 6' length adds to the visual impact of this lovely old painting displaying lovely hues of blues and greens by an unknown artist.

Item# 24841
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Original Oil on Canvas Painting of Shepherd at River in Evening, Germany circa 1790-1810

Original oil on canvas painting of an evening scene of a shepherd at a river. Note the beautiful skyline & birds encircling the turret. Flemish school, 18th century. Unsigned. 4.25' tall, unframed. White specs come off easily, canvas will benefit from light surface cleaning. 

Item# 24945
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Original Small Oil on Canvas Painting of Girl and Dogs

This delightful small painting portrays a young blue eyed girl with blonde hair sitting on a green lawn with her two dogs. Notice her red bonnet/hat (which matches the red sash of her white dress) lying casually at her side as well.

Item# 21873A
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Original Small Oil Painting of Woman On A Summer Day, unsigned

This lovely original oil painting portrays an elegant young woman on a summer day in the country. Look closely as she appears to have a small dog companion at her side. Original oil on canvas later laid on board with minor retouches/repairs.

Item# 22711
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Antique 19th Century Oil Painting Portrait by Sigurd Wandel

Original oil on canvas portrait of a mother and son by Sigurd Wandel (1875-1943), signed in the lower right with the initials SW. The painting is mounted in a giltwood and gesso frame and penciled on the back stretcher, "mother and son" Sigurd Wandel.

Item# 21665
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Original Oil on Canvas Painting of Boy and Girl Playing Tea Party Signed Ludvig Jacobsen

Original vintage oil painting of two children playing tea party. Vibrant colors of green, blue, and red in the scene. Mounted in a gold painted wood and plaster frame and signed Ludvig Jacobsen.



Item# 20093
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Small Pair of 19th Century Paintings, Boating Couple and Woman on Shore

A pair of Paintings sold as a set. The scene is a romantic couple boating for the afternoon in one painting while what appears to be a gilted girlfriend spies on them from the shore hiding behind a bush in the other.

Item# 20088
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Early 20th Century Vintage Signed German Landscape Oil Painting

Vintage oil on canvas depicting a farming couple raking hay along a tree lined river next to a lean-to barn. The painting is mounted in a vintage silver toned wood and plaster frame, and is signed illegibly in the lower left with the artist's name and Munchen.

Item# 15375
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Antique Original Landscape Oil Painting Signed and Dated D. McLea 1911

Antique landscape oil painting of an artist painting a couple on a lakeshore with mountains and castle in the background. Signed and dated in the lower right D. McLea 1911 and mounted in a gilt wood frame with a name plaque David McLea.

Item# 21366
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Antique Religious Icon Painting of St. Martin on Board

This detailed 19th century Hungarian icon, a full portrait of Saint Martin holding a box of jewels, still retains the bright colors of the robes and surrounding landscape. An ornate painted gold and blue border surrounds the portrait,  painted on a hardwood board.

Item# 31525
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Signed Oil on Canvas Painting of Young Woman In a Flower Garden

This is a delightful painting of a young woman in flowing white summer dress, standing among flowers outside a house. The setting looks like the seaside of Skagen, Denmark with it's traditional yellow houses and red tile roofs.

Item# 20200
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Original Signed Oil on Canvas Painting of Banquet Table Still Life

Original Oil on Canvas Still Life of Banquet Table by Sigrid Fische 1900. Signed  S. Fischer. Note the bright colors of blue, red, white, and orange in the lavish display of fruit and flower spread across the long table.



Item# 20100
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