****RESTORED***** Original Antique Painted Corner Cabinet from Sweden

It is the incredible aged patina of the pine that draws one to this corner cabinet. The original painted finish with red, blue & cream floral details has softened over the decades, much of the finish has been worn down to the pine itself, grown deeper through the years.

Item# 22790
Coffee Table
Item# 33629B
Large Sideboard
Item# 16261
Large Sideboard
Item# B
Large Vintage Industrial Farm Table With Iron Legs

Authentic vintage farm table with heavy cast iron legs that create the perfect "industrial look." At 6 1/2' feet long, this impressive table will serve well as an industrial dining table. The top itself is made of 7 planks of wood, left natural for a raw, organic look.

Item# 31630
Item# 33384B
Item# 33622B
Antique Large "Break Down" Armoire Shrunk From Germany with Original Polychrome Paint

This amazing original painted large armoire was built in the traditional manner to "break down" into 4 sections, making it easier to transport & install, all resting on large bun feet. The original polychrome painted finish has brown, blue & cream colored accents.

Rustic Vintage Console Table with Slab Wood Top

It is the thick wood top that one finds alluring in this rustic console table. It originally served as a work table, as seen in every deep gouge and scratch of the wood top. The top is 18" deep; while at the splay legs it is 20"deep.

Item# 33630B
Vintage Rustic Slab Wood Console Table **** IS THIS PRICE TOO LOW?????????****

It is the rough hewn hard wood top one finds intriguing in this console table. It originally served as a work table as seen in the heavy gouges, marks & stains which distress the top. Cracks and the natural veins & knots in the wood all add to the rustic appeal.

Item# 33841B
Vintage Slab Wood Console Table

It is the raw, natural wood top that one finds intriguing in this rustic console table. It originally served as a work table, resulting in the appealing worn patina of the wood top due to the deep gouges, scrapes, stains and old cracks. 

Set of 10 Dining Chairs
Item# 22722/22737
Item# 16245
Old Vintage Door With Decorative Slats and Working Latch

This old front door will bring a touch of aged character into your home thanks to the great patina and worn, original painted finish that has crackled over time. Notice the unusual handle; the door latch still works.

Item# 31568