Antique 9' Long Oak Refectory Library Dining Table from France, Circa 1890

Impressive in size at 9' long, this French oak library or refectory table has six turned legs and supportive stretcher. This large oak dining table has been cleaned but otherwise has been left in its attractive, aged condition and finish left natural. 

Antique Black Painted Demi Lune Side Table Console from Sweden circa 1880

Single pine demi-lune side table with simple Swedish country design and gently tapered  legs. Newer professionally applied black painted finish, slightly distressed to fit age and grace of the table.

Item# 24019
Antique Carpenters Workbench Rustic Console Table With Cabinet, Circa 1890

It is the years of constant use revealed in every ding, gouge, stain and scratch that enrich the character of this carpenters' workbench. Unique to this rustic console is enclosed lower section with cabinet door that opens to reveal inner shelving.

Item# 24530
Antique Entryway Table With Inlaid Top and Bronze Legs, Italy circa 1860-80

Large decorative entry table with oak wood, rosewood and mahogany top and bronze legs with patina. This unique table top was made of pieces from an old Italian parquet floor.
Floor to skirt 22" high

Item# 24376
Antique Gustavian Small Round White Painted Pedestal Side Table, Sweden circa 1850

Antique Swedish gustavian tri-foot turned pedestal side table. Later applied professional white painted layered finish, lightly distressed to fit the age and grace of this Swedish country table.

Item# 24490
Antique Gustavian White Painted Side Table Small Writing Table, Sweden circa 1800's

Swedish Gustavian style side table, may also be used as a small desk.  Lovely turned and carved legs with elongated leaf motif and carved skirt with scallops add to the romantic grace of this side table.
23.5" floor to skirt height measurement.

Item# 24493
Antique Long Walnut Refectory Library Dining Table Console, France circa 1860-80

The stunning walnut is the highlight of this long refectory or library table. The balance of six turned legs & long stretcher make it easy to accommodate chairs for a dining table.  A deep patina has developed over the past 100 years adding richness as well. 

Item# 16643
Antique Long White Painted Plank Dining Table from Sweden circa 1920-40

Long antique white painted dining table with four tapered legs reflecting its Swedish country styling. The white paint has been softly distressed over years of use, revealing the warm patina of pine wood below. Restored, strong and stable.

Item# 24585
Antique Pine Farm Table Trestle Dining Table, Sweden circa 1880

At almost 9' long, this wonderful old farm table from the Swedish countryside is a great find. The natural pine top is contrasted by a slightly darker hard wood trestle base. There is a 12" overhang on the long sides to the central trestle & 10" overhang on the narrow ends.

Item# 52175
Antique Rococo Red Painted Side Table, Norway circa 1780-1800

Elegant rococo table with soft blush finish adding to the romance of the cabriolet legs & carved floral flourishes. The newer, professionally applied layered paint has a soft rose colored palette, lightly distressed to fit the age of this beautiful accent table with one drawer.

Antique Rustic Slab Wood Coffee Table With Splay Legs, Hungary circa 1900's

Rustic slab wood coffee table with squared splay legs and loaded with vintage character. At 3" thick, the top is covered in scrapes, deep gouges, stains and markings acquired with over 100 years of use as a work table.

Item# 52069
Antique Rustic Work Table With Two Drawers from Hungary circa 1880

Rustic work table with red paint remaining on legs. Generations of use seen in every gouge, nick, scratch, hole and stain. Typical aged separation of planks; metal rods add an industrial feel.This table may also serve as a kitchen island if raised up.

Item# 33089
Antique Swedish Country Stone Top Console Table Small Buffet Server, circa 1840-60

The natural beauty of the stone top makes this console table a wonderful find. Restored, the strong table base is painted with a newer white finish. This versatile table may also serve as a small server, buffet or even kitchen island. 

Item# 24428
Antique Swedish Gustavian Gray Painted Folding Game Table Small Console Table Circa 1820-40

Swedish gustavian style folding table. Carved detail along skirt, fluted turned legs, single drawer. Two rear gate legs open to create a larger side table. Later conservator painted in layers of soft dove gray and white. Open: 35"w x 31.75" d x 30.25"h 

Item# 24259
Antique White Painted Gustavian Small Round Pedestal Side Table, Sweden circa 1880

Antique Swedish gustavian tri-foot pedestal side table. Later applied professional white painted layered finish, lightly distressed to fit the age and grace of this Swedish country table.

Item# 24489
Antique White Painted Side Table Small Writing Desk from Sweden

The perfect patina in the (newer professionally applied) white painted finish gently graces this delightful side table from Sweden. Notice the single drawer with hand-carved grooves, a traditional Swedish style element along with the tapered legs

Item# 23855
Blue Painted Refectory Table 13' Library Table from France, circa 1860-80

An incredible find, this impressive long narrow refectory table is painted light blue and accented with darker blue trim around edges and diamonds on two drawers. The lower shelf and turned legs add to the elongate look of this 13" table. 

Dark Oak Console Table With Three Drawers, Denmark circa 1820-40

Dark oak console table with three drawers just under 7' long. Note the deep patina of the wood, including old cracks, stains and nicks that add to the aged appeal.
21" Floor to skirt height.

Item# 24561
French 13' Long Farm Trestle Console Table, circa 1900's

This extordinary 13' long table is a special find; it is rare to find an original antique table this long. Generations of use are seen in every scratch, gouge, stain, and stain in the top, which rests on a traditional trestle base painted gray.

Gray Painted Small Round Gustavian Side Table, Sweden circa 1890

This lovely small round side table stands gracefully on elongated fluted turned legs. Note the exceptional delicate carved details and newer, professionally applied layered gray painted finish gently distressed to fit the age of this delightful table.

Item# 24705
Large Antique Bleached Oak Dining Table With Thick Top Trestle Base from France circa 1920-40

Large oak dining table with carved trestle base and thick top. The original oak has been bleached, creating a fresh, lighter look for today's modern home. The decorative curved ends allow ample seating space to pull a chair up/under at each end of the table.

Item# 16622
Large Rustic Coffee Table With Iron Accents from India, circa 1900's

This 6' x 4' coffee table has tremendous "presence" due to the dark patina of the aged wood and impressive wrought iron trim around edges, corners and large iron nail heads. Simple carving accents the table skirt.

Item# 16572
Long Antique Chinese Console Table Alter Table, circa 1780-1800

Long console table that served as an alter table in late 18th century China. Note the soft, organic finish from generations of use that create a desire to run ones fingers along the surface. Classic lines give this 10' long console table a timeless look.

Item# 153
Mid Century Modern Coffee Table from Sweden, circa 1960

Mid-century modern pine coffee table with space age vibe due to the impressive legs. Sold in used vintage condition, this coffee table is strong, sturdy and ready for use. 

Item# 23332
Original Gray Painted Farm Table Dining Table from Sweden, circa 1880

This wonderful old farm table from the Swedish countryside is a special find thanks to the original gray painted finish which has been worn down to the warm pine patina below through generations of use. Deeper than most of the era& great for a dining table today.

Original Hand-Painted Drop Leaf Table Cabinet Sideboard, Sweden dated 1813

Not only craftsmanship but ingenuity is revealed as this table also serves as a cabinet. The elaborate hand-painted finish is original. With double monogram and date of 1813, it was likely a special wedding present at the time is was crafted.

Item# 23766
Original Red Painted Pine Rococo Side Table, Norway circa 1750-90

The original red painted finish has been gently distressed through generations of use, creating the wonderful worn patina found in this lovely rococo side table. Note the decorative carving and slender long cabriolet legs that add a romantic touch.

Item# 24475
Pair, Gustavian White Painted Demi Lune Side Tables Consoles from Sweden, circa 1860-80

Pair, demi-lune side tables or consoles. Gently tapered fluted legs topped by decorative carved florets. Newer professionally applied layered white painted finish, slightly distressed to fit age and grace of the tables.

Item# 24432
Pair, Large Gustavian White Painted Demi Lune Side Tables Consoles from Sweden, circa 1860-80

Pair, large demi-lune side tables or consoles. Gently tapered legs with decorative applied floral carving at top. Newer professionally applied layered white painted finish, slightly distressed to fit age&grace of tables. Restored/stable.

Item# 24414
Pair, Swedish Gustavian White Painted Demi Lune Side Tables Consoles circa 1860-80

Pair, gustavian demi-lune side tables or consoles. Gently tapered fluted legs topped with simple decorative floral carving. Newer professionally applied layered painted finish slightly distressed to fit age and grace of the tables.

Item# 24432
Plank Top Rustic Console Table Old Work Table Peg Splay Legs, Circa 1890

This rustic console table with splay peg legs originally served as a work table. The top reveals generations of use in the heavy gouges, cracks, stains & age related separation of the two heavy planks which add character and intrigue to the table itself.

Item# 52130
Rustic Bleached Oak Writing Console Table, Spain circa 1900's-***need price/floor to skirt measurement

This bleached oak table has strong presence thanks to the elaborate carving that creates the visually stunning harp shaped legs of the trestle base. Three drawers with rustic pulls allow this to be used a a unique writing table in addition to console or side table. 

Rustic Coffee Table With Slab Wood Top, Hungary 1890

The appeal of this rustic coffee table comes from the thick wood of the top that originally served as a work table. Note the gouges, nicks, old cracks and inlaid wood pattern that all combine to build the vintage character of this coffee table. 

Item# 52335
Rustic Console Table Work Table from Hungary, circa 1890

The strong appeal of this rustic console table comes from the well worn top reflecting generations of use. It originally served as a work table, resulting in the worn dark patina with deep gouges, scrapes, stains, gnarls and old cracks.

Item# 52173
Rustic Farm Console Table Work Table, Hungary circa 1890

This wonderful old farm table will serve well as a rustic console table in today's modern home. This trestle table originally served as a  work table. Notice the many deep gouges, scrapes, nicks and stains that all reflect generations of use.

Item# 52208
Rustic Gray Painted Work Table or Kitchen Island With Shelf, Hungary circa 1880

Rustic work table or shop counter with two drawers and lower shelf. Top and shelf in natural pine, revealing rustic distress from generations of use. Residual gray and white paint remain on body, adding to the authentic vintage feel. Restored.

Item# 51990